Opening Ceremony 「Inside The Hypermasculine Mind Of Jiraiya」

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“The Best Couple: an original illustration by gay manga illustrator and cartoonist Jiraiya exclusively for MASSIVE GOODS [...]
The Best Couple, according to Jiraiya, are Asakichi and Seiji. They have compatible BMI and would tear the house asunder if they ever fought. They enjoy long aimless drives in their beat-up Volvo and get along spendidly.” (Source:

Jiraiya is the most famous Japanese artist you’ve never heard of. The illustrator is the creator of some of Japan’s most legendary bara – a genre of gay erotic art featuring husky, hairy dudes you can’t help but want to bear hug. Defying all stereotypes about slender Asian males, Jiraiya characters have achieved cult status in Japan and are now finding a new audience in the US and abroad via MASSIVE, the NYC and LA-based clothing line. Today, we’re debuting the MASSIVE for Opening Ceremony collection, featuring six of Jiraiya’s amazing illustrations of gachimuchi (“muscular-chubby”) love on tees, shorts, a towel, and a sex toy.

Curiously enough, unlike his illustrations, Jiraiya has thus far remained out of the spotlight. The artist goes only by his pseudonym (Jiraiya translates to “child of thunder”) and never allows his face to be photographed. Luckily, we managed to convince him to answer a few questions. Read on for details about his start as a cartoonist, gender roles in Japan, and his thing for Buddhist priests.

OPENING CEREMONY: How have perspectives of masculine and feminine recently evolved in Japanese and Asian culture?

JIRAIYA: In general, I feel like there’s a tendency for equilibrium of manliness and femininity during times of peace in Japan. During wartime, machismo becomes more prominent and femininity will be suppressed, but I have this idea that when the war ends, men become more neutered and women become stronger.

You largely got your public start in『G-men』, a gay Japanese magazine, in 1998, and then debuted as a cartoonist. What was the feedback in Japan?

Feedback on my illustrations and comics was immediate and positive, and I was full of joy that my work was being accepted. I suppose if I looked I’d have found negative feedback but I don’t actually remember any.

You once said that you draw the type of man that would make someone say, “I want to meet someone like him” or, “He looks like someone I know.” The stereotypical Asian male has a much slighter frame than the men in your depictions. Are you attracted to that rarity?

If 90 percent of people are beautiful, then by that logic you could argue no one is actually attractive. So, in that regard, I suppose the rarity of any type would make it an ideal. You may very well find that there are overwhelmingly a lot of thin gay men, but if you take a bird’s eye view of all the gay men in Japan, there are actually also a lot of strong, big types, and people who are into big men. Really ripped guys are my type, personally, and that’s why I depict them in my art.

Do you think it’s harder for Asian males to gain that beefy body you depict?

Different genetic races have different muscular composition, and I suppose the Asian race has a harder time accumulating muscle mass. Though I can’t speak for all Asians, in Japan at least, there isn’t as high a degree of concern with fitness as in Europe or America. Also, I think there might be a tendency among straight men to avoid getting too big for fear they won’t be popular with women. I personally love the Asian face and the shortness of our arms and legs, in terms of how the body is balanced. I do wish it were easier for us to gain muscle mass.

We heard you were particularly happy with the MASSIVE for Opening Ceremony Tenga, because the brand previously released a special edition with art by Keith Haring. What other artists do you admire?

If I started a list I wouldn’t know when to stop! I like Caravaggio’s realism, Rubens’ sensuousness, Klimt’s ornamental work, Klee’s coloration… I’m in awe of them, and am fond of anyone whose talents are beyond my reach, in any case.

Asakichi and Seiji, the two lovers depicted on this MASSIVE for Opening Ceremony Tee, are, in your opinion, “The Best Couple.” Where does that particular fondness stem from?

My aim was to draw a couple with totally compatible stances on fundamental life values and sex.

Where do you see gachimuchi, or thick-bodied men, in Japan? Have they grown in number?

You see a lot more gay men in the bigger cities like Tokyo and Osaka, and you know... you will see hundreds of big guys at any given event catering to them. I don’t know if the type is growing in number.

MASSIVE tells us that you have a thing for Buddhist priests. Can you explain the fascination?

It’s the same concept behind the prevalence of priests in American and European porn. [Laughs] Probably something to do with violating the sacred.

Tony and Paolo Harrinson
Paolo Amos
Harrinson Naomi
Photos by Jason Rodgers

Author: OC Family/Date: June 26, 2014/Source:

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Karsh 「An Interview With Eli Lewis: Fighting Against Stereotypes, Stigma & Shaming In The Sex Industry」

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Eli Lewis is many things — a trained ballet and contemporary dancer, award-winning blogger, social media maven and porn performer. You may know him best as one of New York’s most outspoken escorts and the star of his new web series 「Deep Inside Eli」. Eli also has a monthly podcast at Gay Sex Cast titled 「The Porn Files」 which discusses current hot topics in the gay adult film industry. He’s everywhere!

I had a chance to speak to the wonderfully honest and insightful Eli Lewis about life as an escort, ethnic representation in porn and the best use for The Hunger Games’ three-finger salute.

- Karsh

Read what Eli had to say and see more pictures below:

Hello Eli! How’s your day going?

Hiya! The day’s off to a great start. My roommate and I just walked our dogs around the gayborhood, grabbed some coffee, and are now caffeinated and alert for the day.

Are you enjoying summer in the city so far? Any summer plans?

I love the summer in New York City; all the boys are out, scantily clad, and ready to play! I don’t have any definitive plans for the summer yet, but I do want to make it out to Fire Island every once in a while. I have my share over the 4th of July weekend, so I’m super excited for that!

Very nice! Any events connected with Rentboy?

Rentboy has their annual summer party during NYC pride week, so that’s coming up soon. Now that Folsom Street East has returned this year, there will also most likely be a booth there. I actually stepped down as the Social Media Director for Rentboy at the end of April this year to focus more on my side projects, porn and escorting escapades, but will continue working with them in future events.

Let’s talk about escorting! How did you get started?

Hah, well I first off blame the economy. I started escorting about two years ago when a series of ballet injuries left me on the sidelines and unable to work for a few months. A few friends suggested I take on a few clients to supplement my income, and I never really looked back.

Ballet! Points for flexibility and a grand jeté. It sounds like it was pretty easy to get started! I’d imagine that in NYC, escorts are a dime a dozen.

You should see my grand plié! Escorting can certainly be a fun and easy way to make money while exploring your own sexuality. There are currently over 400 men actively advertising on Rentboy in New York City, but the way I see it is that each of us fits a different niche and has something unique to offer.

How long have you been escorting now?

I’ve been escorting for almost two years now, and have built quite an amazing base of clients and friends in the industry. I never thought there’d be a community for it, but I’m always pleasantly surprised by the things I learn every day.

The Brotherhood of the Dropped Pants. I like that! In a Huffington Post article in March of this year, you talked about one of your long-standing clients whom you’ve never actually had sex with. Is it common to have clients who just want intimacy without sex?

Haha, I love that! It’s actually a lot more common than one would think, myself included when I first started. Escorting is about making and fulfilling that connection with another person on multiple levels from the physical, to mental, and even emotional. There are certainly clients who may just want the physical intimacy, but more often than not I find myself needing to be their friend and confidant.

I think that’s really important to emphasize. Seeking the services of an escort isn’t like ordering Domino’s Pizza — hot and ready in 30 minutes or less. Escorts are people too! What’s the strangest request you’ve ever received from a client?

I slowly found myself becoming more of an active voice to speak against the stigma and shaming around escorting, so that’s something I definitely like to remind those who would otherwise brush us off as simple three dollar hookers. I’m all about word re-appropriation, but a dollar will not make me holler nor will it make me love you long time.

That being said, I think the most outlandish request I received from a client was to be groomed by him. Let me paint the romantic picture: he was a mid-twenties massage therapy student who needed to make up the hours for his certificate, so he hired me for a few hours every week to massage, trim, wax, and shave me. My life is rough, I know. The struggle is real.

Talk about a fringe benefit — free grooming services. Hopefully he did a good job!

Oh, the massage was great! My least favorite part about those sessions was that I was left hairless and feeling like a toddler again. I’m fine with having a smooth, hairless ass, but I like my happy trail and chest hair!

In one of your blog posts, you talked about the three S’s of the sex industry — stereotypes, stigma and shaming. You’re an Asian man who does porn and also escorts, and is unabashedly open about both pursuits. Can you share with us what sort of backlash you’ve received from people about that?

I was shocked and annoyed to discover that a lot of the backlash I personally received came from within the sex industry. Not all escorts work in porn, and not all porn performers are escorts. These are occupations that may seem alluring, but are really not for everyone to try. You have to be willing to accept the potential consequences of the choices you make when going into either or both of these jobs.

Over the last year, certain performers in the adult film industry have voiced their opinions about the tragedy of escorting and have made their dislike and disapproval of it quite public. I know that haters are always going to hate, but I find it odd in situations like these when the pot calls the kettle black.

We all work within the sex industry whether we’re performing in front of a camera or are entertaining in person, so when we start slut shaming each other for things we do not understand, it upsets but inspires me to start a dialogue with that person to come together and share ideas and resolve issues.

That’s how I like to handle problems — like a sensible, intelligent,adult who doesn’t need to throw shade from behind a computer screen.

From within the industry? Really? I would’ve expected those kinds of things from anonymous Internet commenters, not from people whose taints we’ve seen splayed across screens worldwide.

Again, I’m always learning something new every day. It’s more annoying than anything else, really, to discover that those who should be your allies are actually working against you. On a lighter note, there aren’t very many of those people anyway.

That’s good to know. But speaking of escorting and porn, you’re also doing some scenes now for Peter Fever. Tell us about that.

Oh, how I love me some Peter Le! I’ve made some really close friends from my time filming with Peter Fever Productions, and always have a blast on and off camera with the cast and crew. I love Asian men and am all about sticky rice (Asian on Asian), so I’m like a kid in a candy store whenever I’m on set.

It’s also great to be able to feature sexy men of color, which we don’t see enough in the porn world. Side note: I really need Peter to be my next scene partner, because WOOF!

Seriously, is Peter gonna start doing hardcore scenes? He’s been teasing people with the goods for years now. The time has come!

The time has come for him to lip sync for his life… And I volunteer as tribute!

Between you and me, that three-finger salute is also great for opening up a bottom. Peter Fever is doing a great job of showing Asian men as sex symbols in porn. That representation is important!

I personally believe that foreplay is very important, and for mentioning that, I salute you with three fingers up my butt.

He’s doing a great job of doing that, and I would like to consider myself a frontrunner for continuing to help promote that – diversity is sexy! While I certainly love my all-American jock and blond-hair, blue-eyed beauties, the tall, tan, young, and handsome boy from Ipanema is equally gorgeous.

Very true. There are a lot of studios out there that cater to crowds across a number of interests (Asian, Black, bears, etc.). We should see all of that! Do you think you’ll work with any other studios?

I would definitely love to work with other studios, and now that I’m FUNemployed, I’m more easily able to adjust my schedule to fit in future shoots. I attended the 2014 Grabbys in Chicago last month and spoke to a few studios about upcoming work, so stay tuned for more of my sassy ass!

Looking forward to it! Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I definitely see myself still working within the sex industry at some capacity, whether it’s performing in front of the camera as a former twink turned panda muscle pup or behind the scenes in production. Give me five years; I can gain more muscle mass and hopefully facial hair that rivals that of Joe Manganiello.

And you can keep the 「Deep Inside Eli」 web series going! It’ll be good to see your progression.

I’m trying to brand that as much as possible! 「Deep Inside Eli」 will probably become the eventual name for my blog and website, but I’ll definitely need a lot of viewer participation to keep that going. I love interacting with people to really make a good product; it’s all about giving the audience what they want to see, right?

Absolutely. Is there anything else you’d like to share with our audience?

I’m currently accepting Friends with Benefits applications with advancement opportunities for tops and versatile tops in New York City. Attach clear and recent face, full body, and cock pics to your resume and send them over pending approval and interview.

Follow Eli Lewis on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and through his website Tales of a Rentboy.

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BEAST 「GOOD LUCK」【블랙버전】- released on June 16, 2014.

Les BEAST reviennent avec un morceau sympatoche comme d'hab’ et suivent la mode en tentant le sportswear... Mouais, bof, on les préfère dark comme ca :

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Rik Glauert 「Asian Gay Icon GUY TANG: Journey to The East」

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As part of it's recent HUNK ISSUE,『Element』Magazine has published an interview with Asian American gay heartthrob, Guy Tang. Read a snippet below and check out the full editorial in『Element』Magazine's June edition.

Born to a Chinese father and a Vietnamese mother, Asian American Guy Tang has lived in America throughout his life and never been to Asia before. Finally he made a plan to travel around Asia just last year in 2013 and he’s not alone. When he finally accepted the fact that he loves men only back in 2009, he has evolved into one of the very few openly gay icons with an Asian heritage in the community across the world within only 5 years. His erotic photography was widely circulated on the internet. How did he manage to not only come out but to go to another “side of the extreme”? We skyped for an hour interview to find out more about his trip and other things in his life.

So how was the first-ever trip to Asia? Any “cultural shock”?

Yes it was my first time! Initially I thought I’d blend in well in Asia since I’m Asian too but the reality is that people can still tell that I’m American by the way I talk and so on. As for cultural shock I would definitely say the food! The Asian cuisine here in America is so different than what I saw in Asia itself. By that I mean they literally serve chicken head! (laugh…)

Do people recognize you in Asia?

I mean you have so many followers on the internet all across.I had that a couple of times. When I was getting a haircut in Singapore one of the staffs said my name out loud. It was great.

How many Asian countries have you traveled to during this trip?

Oh…We started in Hong Kong, then to Thailand, Singapore, Bali and then back to Hong Kong. I think that’s all…or there’s more? (laugh…)

How’s your hairstyling coming along? Any other things you’re doing or planning to do?

I loooove my job. I’m working with many youtube celebrities like Michelle Fong and a lot others. I’ll be working with Peter Le (again) for work-out tutorials videos. Peter and I are good friends. We’re the only two Asian American who had a website of our own! My other project has been about you guys. I dieted like crazy for the come-back cover shoot! (laugh…)

I heard you didn’t travel alone to Asia. Who’s the lucky one traveling by your side?

My boyfriend. I think we are both lucky to have each other. It all started online and he would sing Mariah’s songs to me (Yes we know how much you love Mariah!), and then one thing led to another…That all I can tell you! It was great to have him by my side during the trip.

Please visit for the full story and more great LGBT updates!

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CROSS GENE 크로스진 「Amazing –Bad Lady–」

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Hello, Jean Louis David Printemps-été 2014

CROSS GENE, notre petit boy group multinationalité, est de retour !

CROSS GENE 「Amazing –Bad Lady–」 - released on June 09, 2014.

La chanson est plutôt efficace. Les garçons sont chics, mignons tout plein, et ont clairement amélioré leur compétence en danse :

See what I mean ^^

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「If Asians Said The Stuff White People Say」

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「If Asians Said The Stuff White People Say」 - posted on June 06, 2014.

starring: Jenny Yang & Eugene Yang

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