Kumisolo クミソロ 「Transports en commun」

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Kumisolo 「Transports en commun」 - extrait de『La Femme Japonaise』sorti le 28 août 2013.

Kumisolo sort 「Transports en commun」, une deuxième extrait vidéo de son EP『La Femme Japonaise』! Plutôt judicieux en cette morose période de rentrée, et de quoi mettre un peu de baume au cœur, mais oui, c'est fini les vacances !

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Nivardo Valenzuela 「The rise of bareback porn. Interview with Robby Mendez」

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Over the past few years, there has been a rise in production and consumption of bareback porn, a genre of gay porn in which actors have sex without condoms, alongside a growing, more public and voiceful barebacking movement outside of the realm of porn. Over the last few months, there have been some studies and polls (see here, here and here) that seem to indicate a rise in HIV/AIDS cases in correlation with a rise in barebacking. In this conversation, Mendez shares with us some of this thoughts on barebacking and the intolerance it produces within the gay community, as well as his experience in the gay porn industry.

Vaffanculo』Magazine (VM): You are a Korean-Mexican mix, do you identify with one culture more than the other? Why do you think there is a general lack of asians in the pornographic industry in the United States?

Robby Mendez (RM): I wish I could be more Korean, but the truth is that I was born in Mexico where I learned Spanish and I grew up in the US [which is] the reason I know English now. So I’m mostly Mexican, although I’m proud to be part Asian. I just wish I spoke Korean and knew more about that beautiful culture. I’m not sure why there are not that many Asians in the porn industry. I think [it] is more cultural than anything else. In my personal opinion, [it] sounds to me that they are not as open as we [latinos] are. I have seen so many beautiful Asian guys at my parties, but they are very shy. So guys come out and enjoy your sexuality.

VM: What do you find in a man sexy?

RM: Muscles, masculinity, a sexy face, sweet but strong and of course a nice package (porn ruined my life LOL). I don’t really care about race, but I do love my latinos because of my culture.

VM: Can porn be art?

RM: I think porn is hot and extraordinary, there itself is art, of course art varies a lot. So it’s up to the viewer to decide which studio has the best in art.

VM: What has been your relationship to porn? When did you start watching it? Please tell us about your beginning in the porn industry.

RM: I always have loved porn, since I was little. I remember I used to get magazines of naked men and hide it under my bed. I watched porn for the first time with my older brothers (straight porn of course) and it was hot. I used to dance for Clubpapi.com and I was asked to do a solo and then [some] videos for latinboyz.com in 2004. Then I did another 2 scenes for Factory Video in San Francisco and after that I worked with Marco Paris for rawstrokes.com. I just recently did a couple more scenes for machofucker.com and one for breeditraw.com.

VM: Where/from whom did you get most of your sex education?

RM: I got my sexual education mostly from friends. I did watch porn from a very young age, but I also knew the importance of condoms. We do need to be more open about it and know all the risks, after all, sex is a natural thing. Porn is just a fantasy and people tend to forget that.

VM: You’ve bottomed for several tops in the course of your career. What attributes make up a good top? With whom would you say you have had the best chemistry?

RM: Being a good top [is] boring at the beginning because almost everybody forgets that we need to open up before we start fucking like porn stars (at least in my case, it feels amazing, but it hurts every time). So tops, remember to get that dick all the way in and move slow for the first [few] minutes, after that you can fuck as hard as you can.
I think my favorite porn star is Antonio Biaggi. He’s just so damn sexy and sweet. From the first time we met through rawstrokes.com, we clicked.

VM: Barebacking has a history of fear, shame and guilt in relation to HIV/AIDS. You’ve done some scenes with condoms, however, your body of work is predominantly bareback, what made you decide to shoot bareback? Do you approach barebacking differently outside of work?

RM: I have to be honest— It was a personal decision. I love the feeling. Plus, I only watch bareback porn just because it is extra hot and more natural to see bareback action. With that said. I also understand the risks and even if I do bareback porn I always promote safe sex and to [go] get tested often.

VM: For the most part, the straight porn industry has a well established and controlled system safeguarding against possible outbreaks of STDs and HIV (as documented in the『New York Times』article 「Unlikely Model in H.I.V. Efforts: Sex Film Industry」), where performers are required to test periodically, every two weeks. Does the gay porn industry have a similar approach? How have the studios who produce bareback porn, with whom you’ve worked, handled this?

RM: The only thing I can say is that as a porn actor, I take care of my health and I get tested every month. I believe that all porn actors should get tested one week before and after every shoot.

VM: Some people correlate bareback sex and drugs (such as poppers and cocaine).

RM: I try to avoid any kind of drugs when filming or in my personal life. I only use [poppers] when I have more than a one hour shoot and only a few times. I understand that any kind of drugs are not good for my body (as a host of my parties and a public figure I need to be sober at all times).

VM: 「The Internet Is For Porn」, a song from the musical 「Avenue Q」 (maybe you’ve heard it) humorously draws the relationship between our online browsing habits and porn. An ExtremeTech article gives insight into the amount of traffic and data storage required: "Xvideos, the largest porn site on the web with 4.4 billion page views per month, is three times the size of CNN or ESPN, and twice the size of Reddit. [It also hosts over 100TB of porn.]" Another article noted that researchers have also found that 30% of all web traffic is pornography.
The internet also creates a problem of piracy and there has been some talk about a decline of the porn industry.

RM: As a Director and Producer I do not support piracy at all. I have seen my work in different sites and I have to send them emails to take them down. I believe all those free sites are illegal and yes, we do take our work seriously. So please guys do not share any kind of porn with anybody, support our industry so we can bring better quality videos and models. Right now I distribute my porn with the biggest online distributor aebn.net.

VM: With the profiliciation of homemade/amateur porn on sites like XTube, users for the most part showcase their videos for free.

RM: I support that, anybody who wants to do free porn should be able to do that. We as studios [aim] to provide the best quality in porn though, but do not take our work and put it on those website for free.

VM: You launched your own production company and website. Please tell us a little about what the process has been like.

RM: One of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. I started my website in December of 2008 with a 720 HD camera, a simple host site and a Paypal account. After a year I got my ex-boyfriend involved and we got a professional 1080 HD camera, a professional hosting site by http://www.porncms.com/ and the best billing company in the industry: CCBill. Now I got myself a new director (Logan Scion) and we just went to Las Vegas to film 4 scenes with Jake Knight and Santiago Figueroa. So my studio just keeps growing and getting stronger. I can finally say I went from amateur to professional.

VM: Lets talk about the gay community for a bit. Identifying as gay seems to be developing into more than just a sexual preference. Gay now encompasses a myriad of various stereotypes propelled by mainstream media. There is a growing movement called Gaybros, as defined by the founder, Alex DeLuca:
“Gaybro is someone who doesn’t fit the narrow definition of what ‘gay’ means as promoted by popular culture. In our group we have athletes, tradesmen, Soldiers, farmers, and everything in between. I like video games, paintball, sports... and people don’t really expect gay guys to like any of these things. I think a lot of young men who are struggling to come to terms with their sexuality feel like doing so would require them to change who they are, and that simply isn’t the case. I created Gaybros to provide a space for these guys to gather and talk about shared interests and to break down stereotypes and promote the idea that you could be a gay man and still be exactly who you’ve always been.”
It seems to boil down to an issue about masculinity, femininity and coming to terms with being gay. How similar/different are the persona(s) you create on screen and yourself offscreen? Do you think such movement or new label is necessary?

RM: Damn, that’s a hard question because I don’t really know how I act on camera. That’s for my fans to comment about. I do know myself offscreen and I think of myself as a very down to earth guy, very sweet and loyal, dork, loving with my friends, family and fans. Every time I go out I make new friends. I do consider myself masculine, but sweet.

VM: There is definitely discrimination and intolerance within the LGBT community, at different levels. There are people and groups who are intolerant towards bareback porn and demonize the bareback scene. I know that recently you had a situation with such intolerance and hatred. Have you had any other similar experiences in the past? Why is bareback such a threat?

RM: I will always have haters about this issue. In the past I tried to talk to them, but they just blocked their minds to me, so now I just block them or ignore them. It’s the way somebody approaches me that will make the difference to how I reply back to them. I do not waste my energy with haters anymore. True, our own community is so fucked up. I do see their point of view about bareback porn and bareback sex. But I believe that with education, guys will know and understand that bareback porn is just a fantasy and that bareback sex is a choice (barebacking comes with risk and we need to know [the risks]). Most of these guys are either suffering from not being able to do it, they have anger because they have HIV/AIDS or because they lost a friend, lover or a family member with AIDS. That is the reason I volunteer with charities such as Group Life LA, give money to AIDS/LifeCycle LA, etc to make guys aware, [for them] to know their status before is too late. I know a lot of guys who love to bareback more than I do, but they are afraid of getting tested. To those guys I tell them: Please guys, know your status before is too late. Love your body and your partner(s) and keep yourself healthy.

VM: You said bareback was a personal choice. Did you ever fear or have reservations about barebacking?

RM: Yes, always.

VM: Is fear what keeps people from barebacking?

RM: Fear will always be there for me, but its something I’m ok with. I believe there’s a lot of people that practice sex without condoms. The only difference between them and me is that I’m open about it. I’m not sure about the rest of the world. I just know I take care of my health, I get tested often and if I ever have an STD I stop sex until I’m clear. Simple as that.

Author: Nivardo Valenzuela/Date: August, 2013/Source: http://www.vaffanculomag.com/0813/bb/rm.html#.U_0wz0hhwy6

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Teen Top 틴탑 「Rocking」

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Teen Top 「Rocking」【장난아냐】- extrait de『TEEN TOP CLASS』sorti le 26 août 2013.

Les Teen Top se cherchent, mais ne se sont visiblement pas encore trouvés. Nouvelle chanson, nouveaux style. Ils reviennent cette fois-ci avec un morceau très eurodance, sans trop de parole, ni trop de mélodie, c'est bien bourrin et ce n'est pas sans rappeler BIGBANG (!). Pour l'occasion, ils adoptent un look sportif (très bling-bling), comme c'est la mode en ce moment chez les idols sud-coréennes, ce qu'on valide tout à fait, shorts + chaussettes de sport = sexy ! Y'a aussi le look écolier qu'est bien à la mode en ce moment et qu'on aime bien, mais là on s'égare...

Mention spéciale à C.A.P, pour qui ce changement de style est super avantageux. Torse nu ou en shorts, il tout simplement H.O.T !


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N.O.M 엔오엠 「A Guys」

Posted on August 14, 2013 commentaires

Depuis le temps que la K-pop repoussait les limites de l'hétérosexualité masculine, on en rêvait, merci Dieu des pédales, voici : N.O.M (Nature Of Man), nouveau boy group sud-coréen de Danal Entertaiment (ahem...) au concept super gay ! Titre suggestif, chorégraphie en talons, tenues de gogos, c'est tout simplement une version coréenne de Kazaky (en moins souple) ! Je ne sais pas si, en Corée du sud, ils sont ouvertement gays (dans le clip, il y a une pauv' fille paumée dans la nature, fort à parier qu'elle ne sera jamais retrouvé !), mais peut-on être plus clair ?

N.O.M 「A Guys」 - extrait de『The Beginning』sorti le 14 août 2013.


Nio, J.K, Q & Kom. Work it girls!
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Alexander Chee 「No Asians!」

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Alexander Chee

Voici un article trouvé sur le site out.com sur l’ostracisme latent des sites de rencontres gays, fort instructif et assez édifiant à vrai dire.
Je n’avais jamais vu la mention « pas d’asiat » sur les réseaux de rencontres gays français, jusqu’à cette fois, sur Jack’d, un Grinder-like, où un profil comportait cette précision pour toute description, ce qui m’a semblé assez limite, voir offensant, vu que la majorité des membres de ce réseau est asiatique (!). Imaginez quelqu’un mettre « pas de poilu » sur u4bear, ce serait stupide. Remplacez « pas d’asiat » par « pas de noir », ou « pas d’arabe », ce serait tout simplement raciste.

I more or less forgot about the Internet tricking grind. I’m happily settled with a man, and we don’t have one of those one-eye-over-the-shoulder relationships where we each wait for the other to leave the apartment and then hit the web for the day’s hookups. So it was off my mind until this summer, when a Tumblr, Douchebags of Grindr, launched with a storm of ridicule aimed at particularly egotistical profiles. Much of the mockery on the DoG blog is reserved for the guys whose profile photos consist of Bentley keys and Black AmEx cards, or ones like the arrogant hottie whose profile reads, “I choose you! You don’t choose me!” But what caught my eye was that there was a special place in Internet Hell reserved for the ones who put NO ASIANS on their profiles.

The no asians proclamation is usually accompanied by no FATS/FEMMES/POZ, as if being Asian is something treated with a visit to the gym, doctor, or behavioral therapy. There’s a temptation here to try and litigate with the no asians crowd — “How can you say you’re not into Asians? What about Harry Shum/BD Wong/Daniel Dae Kim?” — but that’s really beside the point. Disturbing as it was to see, I decided to really think about it.

Last fall, Alex Rowlson, in his piece for Canadian gay mag Fab [here or here], wrote, “The culture of sexual liberation has been replaced by sexual segregation.” The thing is, if that happened, it happened a long time ago. Racial preference in the gay community is not new.

Twenty years ago, I moved to San Francisco after college and entered the bewildering maze of gay bars there that suggested gay life was more about race than about gender preference: There were bars for white men to meet black men, black men to meet black men, white men to meet Asian men, Asians to meet Asians, and so on. This Balkanized sexual landscape presented certain complications. I’m half Korean, half Scotch-Irish. Inside of these strict scenarios, I disappoint the rice queens, as well as the snow queens.

I have sometimes passed as white to those who didn’t ask questions. I’ve had guys ask if I was everything from Swedish to Mexican or African American. If they didn’t ask, they’d engage in a guessing game. In the meantime, I’ve had boyfriends of many creeds. The only thing my boyfriends have in common is me.

Other men — whether on Grindr or in their race-based gay bar — are casting a fantasy, which can now be staffed from a website. They have more in common with Civil War re-enactors than potential sex partners.

I was never a fan of Internet sex in my single days. Most of the dates I had then struck me as more like online shopping than sex. It was like ordering sex off Etsy — highly specific to the producer’s tastes and eccentricities, almost artisanal. The guy who was really into nipples, well, that was all he wanted done. Ditto the guy who was into massage or the guy into role-playing. And the guys who were into Asian guys were really into them, about as much as the guys who were not into them and felt the need to write NO ASIANS on their profiles.

A glance at the commenter battles on DoG showed two sides: one saying it was racist to put NO ASIANS on a profile, and the other saying, “Preference isn’t racist!” This discourse soon led to the laughable claim that Asians were trying to “guilt-trip” hot white guys into having sex with them. Here’s the thing: It’s just not the same as someone advertising an interest in Asians.

And it’s not racist to not to be attracted to Asian men. I’ll be the first to say desire is not a democracy, but a dictator. Sex is not fair; it’s just sex. But race-based rejection was, in the old days of real-life cruising, silent. Likewise your reaction. If someone rejected you because of your race, you didn’t usually hear about it unless you pressed your case. But men who put NO ASIANS on their profile are not stating a preference.

If your profile reads “I block more Asians than the Great Wall of China!” you’re not only racist, it’s even weirder than that: You’re looking for a fellow Asian hater to date. You’re using the disguise of a semi–socially acceptable way to say you’re a racist and looking to hook up with other racists. That’s fine. Just change your profile to RACIST, SEEKS SAME instead.

Author: Alexander Chee/Date: November 01, 2012/Source: http://www.out.com/news-commentary/2012/01/11/no-asians

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EXO 엑소 「Growl」


EXO sort le repackage de『XOXO (Kiss & Hug)』avec photo booklet, random card (une, c'est au singulier sur le site) et poster. Ah ah ! On se sent bien con quand on a acheté la première version ! 「Growl」, la nouvelle chanson titre sonne plus R'n'B, mais c'est toujours aussi bien. Le clip fait la part belle à la danse : un plan séquence des garçons, habillés en uniformes (on aime), exécutant à la perfection leur chorégraphie dans un parking vide, ouah ! Minimal, mais super efficace, et comme ça on a le temps de bien tout voir, bref, on adore !

EXO 「Growl」【으르렁】(Korean vers.) - sorti le 5 août 2013.

EXO 「Growl」【咆哮】(Chinese vers.) - sorti le 5 août 2013.

Seconde version... On ne comprend pas bien pourquoi, ça n'apporte rien de nouveaux et c'est plutôt raté :-/

EXO 「Growl」【으르렁】(Korean vers.) 2nd Version - released on August 05, 2013.

EXO 「Growl」【咆哮】(Chinese vers.) 2nd Version - released on August 05, 2013.

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