Dodai Stewart 「Why Aren’t Asian Actors Getting Leading Roles in Hollywood?」

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Think carefully: When’s the last time you saw a Hollywood flick with an Asian actor in the lede role? Tough one. As Hollywood is struggling with diversity, women and black people are making a few strides, but, as actor Masi Oka -- known for 「Heroes」 and 「Hawaii 5-0」 -- tells『The Hollywood Reporter』, Asians are getting left behind:

“It’s changed in Hollywood, but only so much. You can’t get Asians cast in leads yet. Maybe as a second lead, but the lead is still going to be Caucasian or African-American,” Oka told『The Hollywood Reporter』. “But Hollywood is fickle, it follows trends. If a show or a film did well with an Asian lead, then it would take off.”

In the past few years, movies like 「The Last Airbender」 and 「Cloud Atlas」 courted controversy for either casting white actors to play Asian parts or altering the eyes of white actors to make them look Asian.

There are definitely Asian actors making a living in Hollywood, especially on TV. While Mindy Kaling and Maggie Q star in their respective shows, most of the Asian actors are costars, sidekicks or part of ensembles… especially the men. There are some very experienced, truly talented Asian guys with matinee idol good looks (「Fast and Furious」’s Sung Kang comes to mind) who never get the chances offered to the likes of Josh Lucas and Bradley Cooper. Even a shitty romcom can boost an actor’s profile, but seldom are Asian actors cast as the dreamy object of affection and desire. There are plenty of movies (and TV shows) where the leading man role is not about the character’s ethnicity, it’s just that a white actor is cast by default. It’s been fifteen years since Jackie Chan took the country by storm in 「Rush Hour」; 「Harold & Kumar」 hit theaters almost ten years ago.
Hyperviolent Korean hit film 「Old Boy is being remade with Josh Brolin. The classic-kung-fu-inspired flick 「The Man with the Iron Fists」 had Russell Crowe as the hero. Two live-action movies based on Japanese manga -- 「Speedracer」 and 「Dragonball」 -- had white guys (Emile Hirsch and Justin Chatwin) as the stars. Multi-ethnic actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson -- somewhat of a race-shifter onscreen, is in the top ten on the『Forbes』list of highest-earning actors, as is Will Smith. They’re the only two non-white actors. Some of the guys on the list are known heartthrobs -- Robert Pattinson, Leonardo DiCaprio -- while others usually rake it in doing action (Tom Cruise, Mark Wahlberg). It just so happens that two of the most pervasive Asian male stereotypes are that they’re sexless and weak (unless they know martial arts).
Many of us grew up on flicks like 「Sixteen Candles」 and 「Revenge Of The Nerds」, in which Asian men are a joke or a punchline, brainy but awkward, and never ever part of any love story. I’d love to see Ken Leung or Sung Kang pop up as romantic interests. Anyway, keep your eyes peeled: There’s a film in post-production right now called 「A Leading Man」 that tackles this very subject.

「Heroes」 Co-Star Masi Oka: 「Hollywood Still Won’t Cast Asian Leads」 [THR]
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Author: Dodai Stewart/Date: March 29, 2013/Source:
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AZN 「Dance Cover & Battle Kpop」

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En se concentrant sur ce qui fait son attrait, c'est-à-dire gays et pop coréenne, la soirée AZN du vendredi 22 mars 2013 au Toro s'annonce pleine de promesses ! Au programme : battle entre dance crews sur de la K-pop, ouah ! Ça va être dur pour nous autres, pauvres quiches qui imitons mollement (et mal) nos idols, de passer après...

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Girl's Day 걸스데이 「Expectation」

Posted on March 14, 2013 commentaires

Girl's Day 「Expectation」【기대해】(Dance Version) - released on March 14, 2013.

Attention tube ! C'est entêtant, sexy et surtout ça :

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M4M 「Sadness」

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M4M 「Sadness」 - sorti le 13 mars 2013.

Cube Entertainment, le label de 4Minute, Beast ou BToB, s'attaque sérieusement au marché chinois en s'associant avec son homologue chinois, Starr Sky Media, pour lancer M4M, un boy group composé de quatre garçons originaires de Hong Kong, Taïwan et Chine. Ils devraient se produire en Chine et en Corée du sud.
Bref ! Qu'est-ce que ça donne ? Et ben, c'est pas mal du tout. C'est chanté en chinois, mais ça sonne comme de la K-pop, ça sonne même beaucoup comme du Beast. Ça commence avec du piano et un cœur qui bat, c'est beau, et ça enchaîne sur de la Dance Pop avec un p'tit break pseudo-Dub Step. Côté lyrics, multiplication des « La Li La La La », des « Woo woo woo woo woo » et des syllabes de quelque mots par-ci, par là. Commercial, mais efficace, on aime !

Reste à travailler les looks et le visuel...
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U-Kiss 유키스 「Standing Still」

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U-Kiss 「Standing Still」 - extrait de『Collage』sorti le 7 mars 2013.

U-Kiss sort un troisième album (et retrouve AJ) ! Premier extrait : 「Standing Still」. Pas mal du tout, mais ce ne sera pas un gros tube à mon avis, difficile de passer après un morceau aussi réussi que 「Stop Girl」 ! En revanche, ce qui restera, c'est le super pas genre crab dance de la chorégraphie !

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